Civil Litigation

The civil litigation process differs from the criminal procedures. There are various stages to civil litigation. The aim of any litigation process is to make it possible to settle disputes and to find solutions. The length of the litigation process can be based on the complexity of a case. But not all civil cases are decided in the courts. There are various options which can be accessed to settle civil disputes. For instance there are cases which can be tried and negotiated before initiating a trial. Sometimes arbitration is used to solve civil disputes. In civil cases the aim should be to make it possible for a party to examine various options to reduce their legal costs. The complaining party known as the plaintiff is responsible for filing a law suit. In civil law the argument raised must be proved on probabilities. There must be sufficient grounds to consider a violation of legal duties by the opposing party. Also there are certain types of procedures which must be followed. The initiating of a trail is a time consuming process. So it can be better to find a solution by other options and try not to involve the courts in settling disputes. Since any form of proceedings in a court can result to increasing legal fees. As mentioned above arbitration is one option to consider. Also it would be worth considering mediation which can help in solving many civil disputes.

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